Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mrs. Ehrlich Turns Troops Into Props

Letter published in the Baltimore Sun--7/2/2006

Most Republican elected officials are dutifully following Karl Rove's playbook by incessantly using patriotism as a means to stoke the conservative base and to bludgeon any Democratic politician who dares to disagree with GOP policies, especially on the tragic war in Iraq. The GOP also trumpets the "support the troops" mantra ad nauseum as a way of sidestepping criticism of their failed policies and to avoid substantive debate.

Whether this tactic will be successful in November is anyone's guess at this point. But Kendel Ehrlich, the wife of the Governor, sees political gain in this strategy even if the war is not the particular subject of discussion ("Critical first lady takes off the gloves," June 28).

Mrs. Ehrlich added a new page to this insidious playbook by invoking the "troops" card when discussing the Democratic effort to allow for early voting. According to the article, Mrs. Ehrlich feels "the Democratic efforts to 'mess with our franchise' makes a mockery of U.S. soldiers who are dying overseas to promote democracy."

The true mockery is using our troops, who were sent to fight and die in a war that has been proven to have no legitimate basis, as political pawns. Mrs. Ehrlich should apologize for her crass remarks in allowing our soldiers and Marines to be props in her political theater.

Steve Charing

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