Thursday, October 14, 2010

Partisan Vitriol, Entitlement Show Need for Political Changes

Letter published in the October 14, 2010edition of the Howard County Times

Quotes in two different political-related articles (Oct. 7) deserve comment. In the first article, Del. Warren Miller, after legitimately being called out for holding a sign at a Tea Party event last year that said, "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire," responded, "I guess he's [challenger Jon Weinstein] never heard of political hyperbole."

The problem with the extreme partisan divide in this country is an over-abundance of political hyperbole. What we need is more political civility and a whole lot less hyperbole. Our nation must unite once again to face the myriad challenges before us and not remain split apart as a result of bitter, partisan and yes, childish name-calling.

To that end, I strongly support the candidacies of Jon Weinstein and Maryann Maher to replace delegates Warren Miller and Gail Bates. They are eminently qualified individuals who understand the values of their district and would, if elected become effective, mature lawmakers. A change is definitely needed in District 9A.

The other article, on the courthouse races, contained another curious quote. The clerk of the Circuit Court, incumbent Republican Margaret Rappaport said, "This has kept me sane, doing this work. Does he [challenger Jason Reddish] want to take it away from me? Is that what he wants to do?"

With all due respect, Ms. Rappaport, any job funded by the taxpayers is intended to serve the public. It is not meant to cling to it for many years simply to preserve one's sanity. Occupying the office is not an entitlement; it is won or lost through elections.

As is the case in District 9A, I believe a fresh approach is needed for the offices of both the register of wills office and the clerk of the court. I wholeheartedly support the candidacies of Byron Macfarlane for register of wills and Jason Reddish for clerk of the court. They would bring their intellect, technical skills and energy to these offices and serve the public for the right reasons.

Steve Charing


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