Sunday, September 29, 2013

Iron Crow’s Dark, Eerie Apartment 213

Will Manning as the Victim and Joseph W. Ritsch as Jeff

“Hi, I’m Jeff.  Can I buy you a drink?  I’d like to take your picture…of poses and stuff.  I can pay $50.”
These were the pick-up lines that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used in bars around Milwaukee to lure young men back to his apartment.  The Iron Crow Theatre Company’s presentation of Apartment 213, currently playing at the Theatre Project, repeats those lines throughout Joseph W. Ritsch’s intense one-hour drama.  Apartment 213 has been brought back by Iron Crow with the same cast and director following a successful run in July 2011.  

Under the direction of Stephen Nunns, the play attempts to examine the dark, inner psyche of Dahmer using multi-media, imagination and proficient acting that raises more questions as to Dahmer’s motives than it answers.

For full review, visit MD Theatre Guide.

Photo: Daniel Ettinger

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