Friday, April 10, 2015

Heartwarming 4000 Miles at Center Stage

Four thousand miles may seem like nothing in our connected world.  It’s huge, however, when you’re on a bicycle trip for that distance, and it could be a chasm that wide when people from different generations are brought together.  4000 Miles, which is part of the Amy Herzog Festival along with After the Revolution playing at Center Stage’s Head Theater, attempts to close that chasm. #hocoarts
Inspired by her own grandmother who lived to 96, Herzog’s 4000 Miles portrays in realistic terms what happens when an elderly woman Vera, a leftist, who was a character a decade earlier in After the Revolution, receives an unexpected visit from her scruffy, smelly 21 year-old grandson Leo, an ecological-minded neo-hippie, who drops in at 3 a.m. at her Greenwich Village apartment.

Coming off a cross-country bike trip that was ruined by a tragic accident, Leo and Vera get together as the story unfolds.  Leo visited her ostensibly because of her elderly status and because he hadn’t seen her since her deceased husband’s funeral.  If he couldn’t stay with her, Leo was prepared to pitch his tent somewhere in Manhattan.  But you know that wasn’t going to happen.
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