Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trump Supporters: The Joke’s on You

We are inching towards the National embarrassment of inaugurating as the 45th President of the United States the least popular, least respected, least informed and least qualified person to ever hold that position.  The voters and supporters of Donald J. Trump need to know that his promises which suckered them into voting for him resulting in an Electoral College victory yet losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million will fall short.
He will not “lock her up.” He will not “build a big and beautiful wall.”  He will not ban Muslims from entering the U.S.  He will not deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Gays will not submit to “conversion therapy.” (Sorry, Mr. Pence.)

He will not fix the inner cities.  He will not create jobs; rather, there will likely be massive job losses as a recession becomes a real possibility.  He will not give the middle class a substantial tax cut; that will be reserved for the billionaire class.  He and Congress may repeal Obamacare alright but will not replace it with anything meaningful, and that will cost millions of citizens their health insurance.

Trump will not “drain the swamp” as he and his adult offspring are the swamp with their unlimited conflicts of interests and foreign entanglements.  And you can be certain he will never release his tax returns though he had promised to do so.  Not happening.
Trump will not make America safe.  He eschews intelligence briefings and shrugs off the nearly irrefutable evidence presented by our intelligence community that Russia interfered with our election via cyber intrusions. 

As commander-in-chief he does not know any more than the generals as he had asserted.  His knowledge of military operations and strategy is as dismal as his unpatriotic multiple attempts to avoid military service.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the Purple Heart or the purpose of nuclear weapons.
Russia got their long-desired puppet.  They must have been downing vodka shots all over the Kremlin upon news of the election.  Compliment Mr. Trump—say he’s a great leader, a smart man, etc.—and Russia can continue to implement its expansionist desires unimpeded by the U.S.

All this plus a Republican-controlled Congress that will tamper with Medicare, Social Security and the Veterans Administration, not to mention de-funding Planned Parenthood and other pillars of liberalism.  Watch what happens then.
Trump supporters will indeed be disappointed…you will have been snookered…just like the many hundreds of contractors who were stiffed by Trump after they built his ubiquitous structures.

Don’t worry, in four years, you will have the chance to undo the damage you had wrought, if we live so long.

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edblisa said...

Agreed! In a few years the "little people" will be able to vote again and I think they will tell Mr. Trump, "You're Fired!"