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Sunday, June 09, 2013

An Abundance of 'Nunsense' at Toby's Baltimore

Most of us probably do not know what actually goes on behind the stark, sturdy walls of a traditional convent.  We believe that such an edifice would reflect austerity, include much prayer as well as “proper” behavior among the nuns.  Not so with the Order of the Little Sisters of Dundalk—yes, Dundalk, Md.—whose loopy, hilarious antics take us on an irreverent, non-stop ride,  while good-naturedly spoofing Catholicism and nuns themselves in Nunsense, now playing at Toby’s the Dinner Theatre of Baltimore. 
Dan Goggin superbly penned the book, music and lyrics for this farce and as such, Nunsense, which debuted in 1985, became the second longest running off-Broadway show in history behind the Fantasticks.

The production at Toby’s is mostly a madcap combination of vaudeville and slapstick with an ample supply of puns and outstanding music that keeps the audience howling in laughter.  Add to the mix an amazingly talented ensemble under the direction of Mark Minnick and you have one terrific show.
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