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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sherman Howell Endorses Bob Ford for Howard County Democratic Central Committee

Longtime civil rights activist Sherman Howell has endorsed Bob Ford for the Howard County Democratic Central Committee.  Howell is Vice President of Research & Agenda Planning of the African American Coalition of Howard County and African Americans in Howard County.  #hocopolitics

“Bob, more than many during these moments in time, understands and appreciates the importance broad visions, for the African American Coalition of Howard County has known this of Bob for many years,” said Howell. 

“Moreover, Bob Ford has always volunteered at the African American Coalition of Howard County Political Action Forum.  To boot, Bob has maintained a passionate advocacy for diversity, works hard for Democratic candidates and ideals and is a valuable asset on the Howard County Democratic Central Committee.”  #hocopolitics

He adds, “For these reasons African Americans in Howard County strongly support Bob’s election on June 26.”

Bob Ford expressed his appreciation for the endorsement.

Bob Ford addressing  the African American Coalition
 of Howard County Political Action Forum
“I am honored to receive this special endorsement from Sherman Howell, who has been a leading advocate for civil rights for over a half century. As a young man Sherman recognized the significance of voting rights and its impact on the African American community.” 

Howell’s civil rights activism had its roots in the historic marches to Montgomery, Ala. According to the Baltimore Sun, at age 22, Howell and other bus passengers had traveled to Selma to join in the third march, which succeeded in reaching Montgomery on March 25, 1965.

Along the way, their bus driver made a wrong turn at 5 a.m. and the group was met by white people wielding ax handles and guns, he told the Sun. But they persevered.

“Voting rights were a matter of life and death for black people [on trial] since only voters could serve as jurors. If there were no blacks on the voter rolls, you would end up with an all-white jury,” explained Howell, who grew up in western Tennessee and had participated in demonstrations to integrate public facilities there.

The African American Coalition of Howard County was founded over 20 years ago focusing on social and political awareness of minority communities with special emphasis on research and policy advancement. It is considered a leading advocate of affordable housing, with leadership team members having served on the General Growth Housing Planning Committee and the Howard Hughes Corporation redevelopment committee for downtown Columbia, Md.  Additional areas of focus include the healthcare system (including Medicaid, Medicare) and the development of African American owned businesses for the region.

African Americans in Howard County is the “sister” organization of AACHC.  Its primary purpose is to endorse political candidates for leadership positions and expand the public policy debate to include racial and economic equality. The views are progressive with an arc toward improving the system for democracy, freedom and opportunity for all.

“Sherman has been a trailblazer and an inspiration, and  I am proud to call him a friend,” said Bob Ford.

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