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Saturday, May 05, 2018

When it Comes to Trump, We Can’t Afford to Pace Ourselves

By Bob Ford
One of the major themes in my bid to remain on the Howard County Democratic Central Committee is that as Democrats, we must stand up to Trumpism and all that it entails.    
This is not simply a political issue, and it goes beyond the borders of Howard County.  Our country’s future is at stake, and standing on the sidelines and allowing only California’s representatives to stand up to Trump is unacceptable.

Following the disastrous November 2016 election we were advised to “pace ourselves” by our local leaders when it came to Trump.  At first glance, that may have been considered prudent advice since the next election cycle was four years down the road.  #hocopolitics

But consider this:

►We paced ourselves and we wound up with white Nationalists marching in Charlottesville: “Blood and Soil,” “Jews Will Not Replace Us” and “Some very fine people on both sides.”

►We paced ourselves and we wound up with a Muslim travel ban.

►We paced ourselves and we wound up losing DACA.

►We paced ourselves and wound up with a ban on transgender service members.

►We paced ourselves and wound up with a spike in hate crimes against minorities since the election.

►We paced ourselves but Trump unilaterally pulled our country out of the Paris Climate accords.

►We paced ourselves and allowed the most damaging and uneven tax cut in our history that will saddle future generations in debt while enriching the wealthy donor class and large corporations.

►We paced ourselves and are witnessing on a daily basis the assault on a free press and the First Amendment.

►We paced ourselves and are witnessing the undermining of the rule of law, law enforcement, the FBI, our Intel agencies, our Justice Department and the American Judicial System.

►We paced ourselves and wound up with the most corrupt, ill-suited and incompetent administration in modern history.

►We paced ourselves and Americans have been subjected to continuous, non-stop lies by the president and his administration.

►Let’s not forget “the Russia thing” either.

Too many local Democratic office holders and candidates have been frustratingly reticent to criticize Trump, and as a member of the Central Committee, I intend to hold elected Democratic officials accountable to those who elected them.  There’s too much at stake here and “pacing ourselves” is not the answer.

Vote for Bob Ford for Howard County Democratic Central Committee on June 26.

Authority: Bob Ford, 5912 Trotter Rd. 21029

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