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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Trump's Plan to Steal the Election Revealed

There was little doubt among Democrats that the rush to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed and seated on the Supreme Court before the election had less to do with overturning the Affordable Care Act than to ensure the re-election of President Donald Trump. "Moscow Mitch" McConnell, the obedient leader of the Senate, carved out the path for this plan to succeed so that the court would have a whopping 6-3 majority. 

Trump's plan, if he could not win the election outright, would bring challenges to the validity of mail-in ballots in key battleground states and have these cases put before the Supreme Court--HIS court, just like HIS generals, HIS attorney general, etc.

Trump and his cabal of thieves have blatantly tried to curtail and suppress the votes. In addition, he ordered the postal system to be sabotaged to prevent mail-in ballots from arriving in time. In Harris County, TX, Republicans have asked an extremely partisan judge to throw out over 100,000--mostly Democratic--votes because of curbside voting though the Secretary of State approved that method.

Other voting barriers have been put in place around the country, and we see armed vigilantes intimidating Biden voters at precincts with little action to stop this tactic.  

For good measure, a belligerent caravan of Trump supporters in pick-up trucks complete with oversized Trump flags harassed and intimidated a Biden-Harris campaign bus that was peacefully traveling along a highway in Texas. Expressing disdain for such boorishness, Trump tweeted, "I LOVE TEXAS."

The major factor that is igniting this attack on our democracy center on Trump's desperation not to lose. If he goes down in defeat, not only his pathological, narcissistic ego would take a blow the likes of which he's never seen, but he stands to face criminal exposure  from the New York State Attorney General and the federal Southern District of New York on financial-related crimes including tax fraud and wire fraud among others.

Therefore, Trump has no choice but to remain in power. He and his family are raking in millions of dollars while in office, so the bunk that is spread among is supporters that he has donated his salary is pure garbage.

What we are witnessing is a direct assault on our democracy. Undisciplined as Trump is, he allowed himself to admit it.

See the clip below.

Daniel Dale, a fact-checker from CNN said the video was taken out of context. " Trump had just been (wrongly) blaming the Court decisions for us not having a winner on Election Night - in this line, he was sarcastically saying, like, thank you very much Supreme Court, we’ll now have to wait. Wasn’t saying Court would make him president," Dale said.

Nonetheless, I maintain that the plan is to throw the election to the Supreme Court so that the will of the people be overturned. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trump Rallies for Biden

The best thing that happened to Joe Biden as we near the end of this presidential campaign is Donald Trump and his ubiquitous rallies. At these super-spreader events—several per day over the past few weeks—thousands of mask-less followers are packed shoulder-to-shoulder to witness Trump making the case for Biden in real time.  #hocopolitics

No, Trump isn’t praising Joe. He’s not telling those potential victims and spreaders of Covid-19 that Biden is the best man for the job. What Trump is accomplishing at these rallies is reinforcing what most of the world already knows: he has been the most incompetent, out-of-touch and out-of-his-mind president this country has ever endured.

Every time Trump continues to minimize the impact of the pandemic by repeating “Covid…Covid…Covid” in an exasperated tone, every time he says the pandemic is over contrary to reality, every time he says “we’re rounding the turn,” every time he mocks those who wear masks, every time he pushes to open businesses and schools safety be damned, every time he refers to Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts in the public health field as “idiots,” every time he says a vaccine will be available shortly, Trump hurls a 3-0 fastball down the middle of the plate so Joe can smack it out of the park.

To be sure, Biden has rightly focused his campaign on the coronavirus pandemic that is tragically heading towards the quarter million mark in U.S. deaths. The country has now hit spikes in cases that are higher than when the pandemic first spread in the country before stay-at-home mitigation efforts were underway. But Biden doesn’t need a prepared script at his events. All he has had to do is counter Trump’s inane assertions.

At his rallies Trump doesn’t express his vision for the next four years (mainly because he doesn’t have one). Instead, he echoes conspiracy theories and repeats his own personal grievances reflecting his paranoia and insecurities. He wastes everyone’s time re-litigating the 2016 election, pummeling our free press, makes false claims about the strong economy that the Obama administration handed him, and believes that running against Hunter Biden will gain him votes.

And then there’s the quest to attract suburban women voters. It’s been a disaster as he still sees women through the lens of the 1950’s. “Suburban women, please like me. I’ll get your husbands back to work.” If nothing else, he does provide a speck of comedy, unintentional as it may be.

Even the optics aren’t terrific. Scores of rally-goers in Omaha were literally left out in the cold with some hospitalized as the campaign failed to send buses to shuttle those folks back to their cars following the rally. Victims from the heat at a rally in Broward County, Florida, also needed medical care and hospitalization. So, when water was sprayed on the crowd to keep them cool, the perplexed Trump wondered out loud if those fire department personnel performing this task were “friend or foe.”

This embarrassing display for all to see is causing Trump to hemorrhage votes from suburban women and white college educated men. Moreover, the carelessness of his supporters by their not adhering to the Trump administration’s own health guidelines are likely adding to the surge in the coronavirus within their communities.

Donald Trump thrives on media coverage. That’s how he got elected in the first place. He has a pathological need to be the center of attention and command the daily news cycle. But Trump is no longer a novelty, a change from the ordinary politician. 

As he reflects upon his defeat, he may at some point wish his rallies during this campaign were never covered by the media and how they helped his opponent more than himself.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Trump's Handling of the Pandemic: Negligent Homicide

“Negligent homicide is the killing of another person through gross negligence or without malice…It is characterized as death caused by conduct that grossly deviated from ordinary care.” —USLegal

While the vast majority of negligent homicides are connected to the operation of motor vehicles, President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus appears to fit the definition.

From the outset, Trump has politicized the pandemic leading to U.S. deaths that have surpassed all other countries and recently set a U.S. record for new cases in one day with over 84,000.  

Hospitalizations are over 41,000 and deaths average nearly 800 per day. Sixteen states had record one-day increases in new cases on October 23 and 11 reported a record number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to Reuters.

Trump played the coronavirus down, promised its quick disappearance, minimized its effects, called it a new Democratic hoax, blamed Democratic governors and accused the media of exaggerating the severity.

How did we arrive at this point? Trump publicly eschewed face masks and his loyal base followed suit.  When common sense and scientific-based guidelines were handed down from the Trump’s administration’s own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged the use of face masks when social distancing was not practical, Trump and his base ignored the guidelines with misplaced bravado and machismo and a display of utter foolishness. #hocopolitics

In March, when the pandemic was in its nascent stages, I posted a piece, “Even the Coronavirus Can’t Avoid the Political Divide,”   recognizing how politicized the coronavirus had unnecessarily become.  Sadly, the divide has continued to this day with no relief in sight.

We later learned from audio clips of interviews that were used for journalist Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, Trump was aware of the severity of the virus back in January. He knew that it was transmissible through the air. He knew that children were at risk, too. But he never shared this knowledge with the American people because, in his words, he didn’t want the people to panic.

What he meant is that he didn’t want to rattle the markets as the country was about to embark on stay-at-home orders, lockdowns and business closures to prevent further spread of the virus that in effect, forced a deep recession. The stock market was his key metric in providing a rationale for reelection. This assessment was advanced by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in “How Many Will Die for the Dow?” 

Trump and his cronies saw the virus as a blue states issue with people of color being victims at a disproportionate rate. Knowing that, he simply didn’t care and refused to risk his reelection prospects for people who weren’t going to vote for him anyway. He offered up the possibility that injecting disinfectants would be an effective therapeutic. 

As we enter the 2nd and 3rd surge of the pandemic with the worst yet to come during the winter months, the spread has engulfed all the red states with some of those experiencing record-setting outbreaks. It’s a U.S. (and worldwide) problem, not just a blue state crisis as Trump and his Republican sycophants believed.

Accordingly, well over 220,000 died with an estimated 300,000 fatalities in the near future, and studies concluded that tens of thousands of deaths could have been avoided if the CDC safety measures were implemented two months earlier than they were. But Trump’s priority is clinging to power as he falsely claimed he himself saved over 2 million lives.

“We’re turning the corner.” “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.” “A vaccine is near.”  “It’s going away.” “I’m cured.” 

Though all of this could be a case for negligent homicide, what he has done since the Woodward revelations and his supposed contracting of Covid-19 solidifies the argument. Now with the election less than two weeks away, Trump is holding copious packed rallies with only those behind the podium wearing face coverings for the benefit of the TV cameras. The rest of the MAGA folks are not wearing them although 100,000 lives could be saved through February if 95 percent of Americans would wear masks in public, according to a new study

Most insidiously, Trump continues to mock the virus. “Covid, Covid, Covid,” he chants with exasperation at these rallies or what are likely to be super-spreader events. He is fatigued by the pandemic being the central issue of the election. Trump encourages his followers to be similarly annoyed as if the pandemic was unleashed upon him to thwart his reelection.

He gave up on dealing with the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that Trump hasn’t attended a coronavirus task force meeting in months. Instead, he obtains his guidance from a radiologist, a guest on Fox News who is pushing the concept of herd immunity.

Trump has no plan. By contrast, Joe Biden outlined a plan to reduce the spread and gradually open up the economy by listening to the science and experts.

Trump  maintains “We’re turning the corner.” “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.” “A vaccine is near.”  “It’s going away.” “I’m cured.” All of these are outright lies and more cases and deaths will ensue as his MAGA rally crowds will contract the virus and spread it around to their families and communities. It is completely selfish to hold such risky events during a pandemic.

Meanwhile, a Stamford University study found that Trump's rallies have led to 30,000 Covid cases and 700 deaths.

Trump lies and people die. And for that, he should be charged with negligent homicide. November 3 will serve as the day to hand down the indictment.