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Monday, April 10, 2006

DeLay's departure won't save the GOP

Letter Published in the Baltimore Sun--April 10

The Republicans are whistling in the graveyard if they actually believe that Rep. Tom DeLay's bowing out from Congress prior to the election will mitigate the Democrats' assault on the "culture of corruption" that embroils the GOP ("DeLay's decision fuels GOP concerns," April 5).

Mr. DeLay's public explanation for his departure was tinged with his signature bitter partisanship. The fact remains that he is leaving Congress because of a tightening noose that will undoubtedly strangle him as the legal process unfolds.

The Democrats will and should highlight the hypocrisy and corruption of Mr. DeLay, as well as other affected self-righteous Republicans who were hellbent on impeaching President Bill Clinton.

Yes, politics is local, as GOP leaders like to point out. But one hopes that the electorate will clean house this year and in 2008, as they correctly come to their senses and realize enough is enough.

Steve Charing

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