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Friday, October 31, 2008

Biden Time

As Joe Biden loves to say about John McCain, "God love him, but...." I say the say the same thing about Joe the VP Candidate. I love him to pieces. I jumped for joy when Barack Obama picked him to be his running mate. But as is well documented, Joe's mouth can be a loose cannon, which could violate the main axiom of a VP choice: do no harm.

When all is said and done after November 4, Joe will not have harmed the ticket at all. Certainly nowhere near the apocalyptic effect Sarah Palin has had on the McCain candidacy. Except for the extreme right wing elements in the Republican Party, Palin has alienated the more thoughtful moderate sector of the GOP, as well as independent women, and we figure to see at least 10 percent of the party faithful jumping to the Obama side, mainly because of Palin.

But Joe Biden had to be reigned in, and thankfully he was. He didn't learn the lesson offered by Obama that even at a private setting like a fundraiser, your words are not safe. Obama discovered it first in San Francisco when out came the "bitter" remarks. It almost did him in.

Biden made the same error in Seattle by predicting the new president will be confronted by a contrived international crisis to "test his mettle." While that may be a likely prospect, those leaked comments nearly and unnecessarily derailed the Obama locomotive that had been gaining so much momentum down the track. Since then, Biden has been relegated to a scripted message and instructed to avoid press conferences in mainly smaller media markets.

Without question, Biden was a superb choice--Obama's first real presidential decision. Biden offers the foreign policy bona fides that many charge that Obama lacks. His vast experience in the Senate will also help sheperd Obama's agenda should he be elected. And as it turned out, he is far more superior and ready to step in as president than Sarah Palin.

More to the point, it also contrasted the judgement of Obama with McCain's. So yes, God love him.

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