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Monday, November 26, 2012

MAME Delivers Big at Spotlighters

Photo by Ken Stanek Photography
When you think of a big-time, splashy, iconic musical such as Mame, you imagine (or recall) it unfolding on a grand stage of a Broadway theater.  You also picture colorful scenery, period costumes, a huge orchestra in the pit and a terrific storyline with a memorable musical score.  Mame ran on Broadway from 1966-1970 for over 1,500 performances and garnering three Tony Awards (Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur and Frankie Michaels) and was nominated for five other categories.
So when Fuzz Roark, artistic director for the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre, booked the show for the friendly confines of that venue during its 51st season, one can appreciate the challenges that awaited him and his staff.  But the courageous Roark and company pulled it off.  The production of Mame at the Spotlighters plays big in the little theater that could.

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Rich and Alex said...

My Mom, my Partner and myself had front row seats. It was an amazing performance! What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!

Christine said...

My mom, dad, sister and I attended this past Sunday's matinee performance and had a GREAT time! Agnes Gooch's "calcium pills" line was by far my favorite part of the show. :) Excellent job by the entire cast and crew! Bravo!!