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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Wyatt Evans: The Man Behind 'RAGE'

One would think Wyatt O’Brian Evans would not have the time to write a novel, much less two.  Besides being an author, the DC-area resident is also a journalist, entrepreneur, instructor, public/motivational speaker, voice-over instructor/talent, actor and comedian.
Communication is a huge part of Wyatt’s DNA as evidenced by his ability to speak in complete sentences when he was just months old.  As an adolescent, he wrote poems and created a series of comic books. 

In college Wyatt received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism and Political Science from George Washington University and went on to become a solid journalist over the next 25 years that included stints with the Huffington Post, Bilerico, Maryland Journal, Washington Post, American Politics, Baltimore OUTloud and a host of other print and online outlets.

Wyatt has written in-depth and influential syndicated series on both LGBTQ intimate partner violence/abuse (IPV/A) and racism—issues that are significant to him as well as the community at large.  He put to use the skill set he has developed over the years and wanted to create a novel that examines these key issues.
Wyatt did just that when he wrote the popular and well-received series of novels, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart  (gay/ethnic), released by Nair’Bo Universalthe publishing and production house he created.   The next installment in the Nothing Can Tear Us Apart series, RAGE!, will be available in mid-January.

RAGE! centers on Wes, a 45 year-old, successful African-American celebrity, and his new-found love, ‘Tonio, his 31 year-old muscular Puerto Rican Chief of Security. One thing they have in common is that they both have had rather unsuccessful relationships in the past.  They eventually fall in love only to have someone attempt to ruin the relationship by making ‘Tonio believe Wes had been unfaithful. 

Taking the bait, the frenzied bodyguard physically brutalizes his soul mate.  The final blow comes when the couple learns just who is behind the deception. But that’s not the end of the story because far more occurs that profoundly impacts both men.   
“The characters can’t help but fall deeply, passionately and madly in love,” says Wyatt.  “I created a ‘slow burn,’ if you will—no sex occurs until they pledge their love for one another.  I wanted to show these two guys falling into love, not lust.  Afterwards, they form a monogamous relationship.”

Wyatt fervently believes this novel is thought-provoking and that it would have universal appeal.Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!  addresses and explores topical, relevant and timely themes and issues,” he explains. They include partner violence/abuse, the DL, and ethnic tensions between African-Americans and Latinos.
Wyatt adds, “It is full of rich drama, action, masculine romance, intrigue, provocative sexual situations, and twists and turns.  Men and women—be they gay, straight, bisexual, transgender—can embrace and relate to Wes and ‘Tonio because their story is one of true, deep romantic love between two individuals.” 

RAGE! will be available January 15 and exclusively available for three months on his website. and follow him on Facebook and the Wyatt OBrian Evans Official Fan Club.

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