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Monday, August 20, 2018

Things Are Looking ‘Up’ for Trump

As President Trump revels in the fact unemployment has gone down and is quick to take credit for it, I believe it is important to note what has gone up since he was inaugurated in front of that sparse crowd.

Gas prices have gone UP

 Food prices have gone UP

 Health care costs have gone UP

 The national debt has gone UP

 Income inequality has gone UP

 Corruption in his administration has gone UP

 Lies to the American people from himself and/or surrogates have gone UP

 Hate crimes have gone UP

 His racist, misogynous or xenophobic comments on tweets have gone UP

 Administration turnover has gone UP

 Distrust among our allies towards the U.S. has gone UP

 Indictments from the Mueller-Russia investigation have gone UP

 The number of versions of the infamous Trump Tower meeting has gone UP

 The number of Republicans in Congress cowering to Trump has gone UP

 Babies in cages have gone UP

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Don’t get mad…VOTE!!!

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