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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The GOP's Fake Sexism Cries

Just as the Republicans have fenced off John McCain by demanding he be free from political attack because of his POW experience 40 years ago, they are trying to do the same thing with their rookie VP contender Sarah Palin using "sexism" as the shield.
Any opposition to Palen's extreme right wing policies or lack of experience on the national scene is being tied to sexism--especially by the media.

All the vetting concerns are being pushed back by the sexism card. Some of it has validity in that questions about raising a family and occupying the White House would normally not be directed to men. Others are a part of a clever strategy to demonize the media to intimidate reporters from asking the tough questions.

However, Governor Palin makes every effort to promote her "Mom" credentials and her yearning to attract women voters. She's a self-described "Hockey Mom" who is like a pitbull with lipstick. And she was a beauty queen in her earlier life. How sexist is that?

But here's the rub. As the Republican conventioners noisily cheered any reference to sexism thought to be originated by the media or their Democratic opponents, one can see plenty of buttons displayed on the chests of the overwhelming white male gathering. And these buttons read "Hot Governor," "Hot VP" and "Hot Chick." Were these conventioners escorted from the arena? Were they condemned by those who truly oppose sexism?

Not at all. It simply exposes the duplicity of the GOP and the phoniness of the argument.

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